Sandel Products


Sandel can make most tray tooling in one to two days. For example, the Delphi Dunnage tray tooling was completed in two days. Sandel received brake cylinder parts from Delphi on a Tuesday morning following a Monday morning conversation with their engineering department. We shipped 1,100 production parts the following Monday morning! A total of six days from seeing the brake parts. Customer available for confirmation.
Delphi (division GM) Dunnage tray
3/16 inch HIPS (high impact polystyrene)

Robotic Pic/Place tray -- Precise XY&Z dim
Two piece configuration provides stiff & flat design
Chemically resistant dental tray -- 3/16 inch PVC
Tray will not stain when cleaned with Coe foam and
iodine solutions used to kill AIDS & Hepatitus virus

Robotic Pic/Place tray -- Precise XY&Z dim
Stackable & Nestable
Chemically resistant medical tray
1/8 inch PVC